At the Birdcage craft and gift fair


This weekend I visited a craft fair organized by Chichester's Birdcage barn and gift emporium. It was lovely to meet other crafter's in the local area and see all of the beautiful handmade things for sale. I will certainly be attending the next one to buy my christmas presents.

I really feel that it's time to celebrate and support the handmade craft's community as there's just too much of the cheap massed produced products around these days. It's easy to buy into and i'm definitely guilty of it!

At the end of the day though they just don't hold the same value as something that you know has been lovingly handcrafted. I'm sure many of the crafts I saw today weren't being sold at the prices they were worth when you add up time and materials, but what is definitely the case is that the crafter's are not doing it for the money alone. They do it because it's what they love to do, it's their passion that they want to share with the world and I feel the same about the things I make too. 

So here's are a few pictures of some of the stalls I saw today..


stitched up by leona

I stopped by at Leona's craft stall, she makes quirky cross stitched pictures that she designs herself. They are really fun designs ranging from game of thrones themes to Banksy. Personally my favorite is the Harry Potter's 'mischief managed' design. She also does personalized commissions of cross stitch designs such as portraits and weddings.

Below is a children's doodle converted to a cross stitch, very clever idea!

Click here to follow the link to her etsy shop.

This lady had lots of embroidered pictures and buttons galore in her designs. You can find her work in the Birdcage Barn in Chichester. See the website link here.


christina's lace knitting and spinning

Christina knits scarves and shawls, hand spins wool and dyes the wool herself. She uses British wool and takes commissions. The wool is a beautiful quality and she supports the rare breeds survival trust which was founded in 1973 to save native breeds of livestock in the UK and stop them from becoming extinct. 

She also creates beautifully hand painted glass vases and sun-catchers. 

You can see her website here


a gift for all seasons

I couldn't help but be drawn to these little fella's, adorable! They are needlefelted, a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibers together to form 3D shapes.  

You can see 'A gift for all seasons' facebook page here


hector's house craft

So many lovely handmade things here! I love the bags especially, although she also makes wristlet key rings, purses, fabric coasters and many other goodies. 

You can see Hectors house craft Etsy store here


Handmade with LOVE BY ALISON

I love these little sausage dogs and each has their own name tag.

Contact Alison at to enquire about placing an order.


I hope you enjoyed looking at the crafts as much as I did. The next craft fair is on the 21st November, I can highly recommend it if your looking for handcrafted originals. 

Bye for now x