My first handmade trousers

Hi there

I have made my first pair of trousers! Admittedly I don't feel like they are quite ready to wear outside the house as the fitting needs some work. But they do fit around my waist nicely, it's just a problem of excess fabric at the front and around the legs that I need to sort out.

From reading other blogs about the clover trousers it seems I'm not the only one who has struggled with the fitting. I certainly didn't expect my first go at trouser making to be perfect the first time so I am pretty pleased with the fact that I can actually wear them without any splitting at the seams. 

Below is how the trousers should look:

You can check out more info about Colette patterns here

I have a few ideas about where to go next with the fitting of these. The first issue I would say is to get rid of the bagginess above the crotch, I knew I would have to use the crotch word at some point! My next steps are:

  • To remove excess fabric - I will have to take a slice out of the pattern on the trouser front. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the picture below:


  • I am also going to try to to alter the crotch curve on the front as I hear that this can also help with the excess fabric around the front. See picture below.


  • Also the next pointer is the bagginess on the legs. To combat this I am going to try grading down a size from the hips downwards.

I found a really good book to help with trouser fitting issues, it also has diagrams to help you identify problem areas. You can see this on amazon here

That's it for now, I'll do an update soon on the hopefully new and improved clover trousers. My next planned project will to make the the oxford cushion. 

Michelle x