the making of a miniature quilt cover

Hi people 

I have recently made a a small quilt cover for somebody and I thought I would show you how I did it and how simple it is to make (if you have a sewing machine that is)

The quilt is measured at 89cmx73cm

Step one

After finding the measurement of the quilt I folded the fabric I was using in half. This meant that already I had an edge that I didn't need to sew. From the folded edge I then measured across and marked with a pen the length the quilt needed to be. I calculated this by using the quilt length and adding on the seam allowance. The seam allowance is 3cm as I will be turning the seam over by 1.5cm for a neat edge. 



After drawing the line to mark the length I needed I used pins to ensure that the fabric did not slip around while I was cutting along the line. 

I also put pins along the top line too to prevent the fabric from moving. 


step two

Next I folded the cut ends over by 0.5mm and again by 1cm to hide the raw edges. I then topstitched the edge and pressed it with the iron.  

step three

I used the sewing machine to stitch the sides up with a 1.5cm seam allowance while keeping the end open.


step four


On the folded and topstitched edge I added button holes at equal lengths across the fabric. Make sure to place them centrally on the fold. The button must be smaller than the width of the folded edge. 


step five

On the button hole side I stitched a channel along the bottom of the folded edge. This is so that the button will not come out easily once it is done up. All that is needed now is to sew on the buttons. 


And that is it! 

In the next couple of weeks I will be trying to do some more crafty projects and perhaps some christmas ones too.

By for now 

Michelle x