Star wars: the force awakens

Hi lovelies, I am so excited to see star wars that I couldn't resist making a top to wear specially. When else can I get away with wearing a star wars top?  Well maybe I should embrace my inner star wars geek anyway even if I do look like a loon. 


I used a design from the great British sewing bee book. I chose it because it was a simple design with no zips and as I decided to make it the night before seeing the film it was the perfect top to make quickly. 

I used some leftover fabric I had from the star wars dress I made a couple of years back (yes I am a huge star wars fan if you didn't already guess) I'm sure I will be buying some more of the same as soon as I get the chance. I did make some changes to the pattern, I changed the bust darts to be positioned higher than the original pattern. I think this worked okay but to be honest they are probably a tad too high now. The back is a bit tight too but this is because of my attempt of making a small bust adjustment. Next time I will make it slightly bigger.

The top consisted of a front piece cut on the fold, two pieces for the back and two facings for the armholes and neck. I haven't made many tops with facings to be honest and I much prefer it to the bias binding method. I think it makes it easier to make a nicer finish on the edges and I always look forward to the pressing stage when it all comes together looking rather professional and fabulous.

Tip: Always understitch the seams to the facing where possible. This allows the facing to naturally want fold over to the inside of the garment. Also remember to clip those curved seams before understitching and pressing. 

That's me for another week, have a great Christmas and enjoy the film if you haven't already seen it.

Michelle x