A prom dress for my little sister

I have been working on my sisters prom dress for a few weeks and i'm really excited now it's starting to come together. The prom is at the end of June so I still have loads of time, luckily I feel nice and chilled out with having so much time left as it's really not something I want to rush. 


I am making view A which is the same design as view D in the photo only it will have an overskirt of organza rather than tulle. The tulle version was the original plan but it needed so much tulle (a whopping 15 yards) that we decided the organza (7 yards) was the way to go.  

I altered the bodice to fit my sister by making up a muslin in some cheap calico first. This I can highly recommend doing from experience as there's nothing worse than cutting out your beautiful fabric only to find the fit isn't quite right. It will be worth the extra effort in the end.

The fabric I am using is a crepe back satin in mint green for the waistband and the same again with gathered organza on top for the upper bodice. This dress has me doing a lot of gathering but the effect is beautiful. I cant wait to get started on the next bit.