floral denim skirt

This weekend I thought I would do a quick make while I am waiting to buy fabric for my Cambie dress (pay day coming soon yay!) I had a sewing pattern free with my magazine and thought the short skirt (view E) would be ideal for all this warm weather we have been getting lately. 


I chose a pretty floral stretch denim fabric and since I only needed one meter It wasn't going to break the bank. What should have been an easy skirt to make ended up being a bit of a disaster with me wanting to chuck it out and start again at least three times! My machine kept jamming and I was being a bit daft when it came to the fitting.

I made up a muslin version to check the fit but forgot to include the waistband so when I came to making the real thing I decided it would need taking in at the sides. After taking the seams in I realised that adding the waistband would make it even smaller around the waist, at this point I had to ditch the waistband and make the skirt without one. 

I thought I would include some nice photo's so that my efforts weren't waisted but I will be making this skirt again properly. At least I won't ever forget the waistband again. Live and learn... 


p.s you can buy the fabric from www.fabrictime.co.uk