Cambie top with peplum

I have been wanting to do a pattern hack since forever so I thought I would give it a go on a small scale. Since I really like the cambie dress I thought I could use the same pattern to make a top either by extending the bodice and omitting the waistband or adding a peplum onto the bottom underneath the waistband. As you can see I went for the latter as it seemed less likely to have complications. 

At first I thought I would make the peplum by using a pattern I already had but after some thought and searching online I thought I would be brave and draft my own. I have to say it was very easy to do with the help of the burdastyle website. You can see the link here.

I drafted the peplum by measuring the length of the waistband (30") and using this number to calculate the length of the radius of the peplum (4 3/4") I then drew a horizontal and vertical line to make a right angle and measured from the intersection the length of the radius (4 3/4") pivoting the ruler around from the intersection and marking as I went so that I could then join the dots to make my curved line. I then needed to do the same again to draw in the hem of the peplum, I wanted the peplum 10" long so I added this to the length of the radius to make 14 3/4" and used this measurement to pivot from the intersection to mark my hemline. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures along the way but I will be doing a tutorial on drafting a peplum soon as it is a really nice way to add something extra to a top.

                                                           The finished draft of the peplum

I'm really pleased with the results and rather chuffed with myself at drafting my first pattern. I'm really excited to have a go at making more patterns in the future.

Next on my list is to invest in this book (right) It contains no patterns as for every project you draft your own, they are all from basic block patterns so it shouldn't be too taxing for someone with little experience of pattern making. Plus its vintage inspired which to me can only be a good thing!


Next time I will be making rustic bunting and showing you how to make it :)

Chow for now x