My first pattern hack..

Hi there, I have finally made a dress for myself from the blossom fabric! I decided to use the Sewaholic Cambie dress pattern once again only this time I thought I would change the style of skirt. Last time I made the dress I found the skirt very full as it has lots of gathering, which is all well and good but I decided a flowier skirt would suit me more for everyday wear. The Cambie dress does have an A line skirt version but I decided this was a bit boring for my fabric! To get round this I had to use a different pattern make the skirt, thankfully this was fairly easy as the Cambie dress has a waistband and all I had to do was attach the skirt of my choosing onto the bottom of this. 

All I need now is another sunny day to wear the dress again but I should probably start sewing an autumn wardrobe soon. I didn't line the dress all the way through, just to the waistband as I felt the skirt would be just fine without. I'm gradually learning to change patterns to be as I want them rather than following the instructions completely. I think because I have sewn this pattern a few times it has given me the confidence to change things to suit me, plus then it becomes an absolute original! 

Dresses A, C and B are the versions I used for the skirt part of the dress.

I used the Cambie dress pattern for the top half of the dress.

Hope you like the dress, perhaps my next project will be something Autumnal! 

Until next time x