Corset making part one

Hi Everyone

So I booked myself on a 2 day course of corset making a few weeks ago and it has finally arrived! 

My first day has been a bit of a challenge it has to be said! However I am pleased with what I have done so far. My only worry is the time pressure which then gets me flustered and I then go and make silly mistakes but hey it's only my first corset so I'm letting myself off the hook. 

When it came to fabric buying I did admittedly spend a small fortune, probably not good for the pressure when cutting into it! It was my first fabric shopping experience in London and I just couldn't resist. I visited the silk society in Berwick street and wanted to buy everything in the shop,  all well and good if I had a million or two in the bank. I'm still waiting for us to win that lottery syndicate at work..

These are some of the brocade fabrics I spent my time ogling at the silk society 

And this is the brocade fabric I chose


So getting back to today, the morning was spent cutting out the pattern pieces in 3 different fabrics: 

  • The overlay brocade fabric (above)
  • Coutil (a densly woven strong fabric) to be sandwiched in between the overlay and lining for strength
  • The lining (a black polycotton) 

The pattern pieces needed to have seam allowances added before cutting out and I couldn't resist including a picture of this little fella which made the job of measuring so much easier. How I have gotten this far without one I don't know! if you don't have one you must get one. 

Next I made some bias binding for the channels by cutting strips of fabric from the brocade using this device (below left) to fold the sides inwards before pressing. Yet another tool I could do with in my kit, oh how I struggled and scorched my fingers trying to iron bias binding without one.

All pieces were then laid out in order with the three layers of each fabric together. I then stitched them wrong sides together, cut the seam allowance down and pinned the binding strips for the channels over the seam on the right side.

The channels were stitched to the corset down each side being careful to allow enough room in the middle for the steel boning to fit through.  

Below are the two sides of the corset complete with channels. Tomorrow will be very busy I fear, we will be adding the back and front panels, bra cups, eyelets and edge binding plus anything else I have forgotten. I hope I have time!!

So that's as far as I have got today. I will shortly be posting the end result in part two of the corset making. Pressures on!

Michelle x