New skirt, new look


Hi everyone

So this week since I seem to have been practically living in jeans all winter I thought I would go on the search for skirt to make. I was thinking of something that would look great with tights and boots because lets face it the summer is still a little way off yet! It also had to be something I could wear out casually and not feel overdressed. Smart casual was my thinking. 

I trawled the internet for inspiration and found plenty to get some ideas together...  




So I realised I really like the high waisted full skirt look. For my next decision I could either go with a gathered skirt (above left) or drapey flared skirt (above: grey skirt). I went with the flared as it's a bit smarter looking and as I mentioned before I wanted smart casual. I am planning on coming back to the gathered skirt though.



Okay so I could have drafted my own pattern for this as it is a simple circle skirt design but I wanted to save time so I bought a pattern. I chose skirt A but without the ruffle underneath. It had the high waisted design and the right amount of fullness that I was after.




Next I went hunting for some fabric. I wanted something fairly heavy in weight to give the drape I wanted, I also didn't fancy having a Marilyn Monroe moment while I'm out shopping!

I found a polyester heavy weighted fabric in a lovely burgundy colour that I could easily match with other colours in my wardrobe. 

Here's a couple of other views of the skirt. I couldn't resist a swishy one.


For my next project I fancy making something with a vintage look. I'm going to make this...

Bye for now 

Michelle x