pattern weight tutorial

Hi everyone 

Up until now I have always used pins to secure the pattern to the fabric when cutting out but I thought I would try something different and use weights instead. On the pattern cutting course the teacher advised us to use weights instead of pins. After borrowing some that she had made I decided to make my own. 

To make 8 pattern weights you will need

  • Half a metre of fabric

  • 120cm of ribbon or binding

  • 1kg bag of rice

  • 8 curtain lead weights

step one

make the template

The template I made measures 9" on all sides and each smaller triangle within measures 3.5" on all sides. You can scale yours up if you wish but I found this size about right for me. Just make sure you add a seam allowance all the way round, mine is 4/8 "

step two

cut out the fabric and prepare to sew

Cut out 8 triangles using the template, as a guide you can also draw with pencil the middle triangle onto the wrong side of the fabric. Iron along the pencil lines as shown to help the pyramid keep it's shape.

On one point of each of the 8 triangles draw on the seam allowance, the aim is to find the point where the two lines intersect. This helps as a guide when you are sewing the first seam.

Place the fabric right side up and cut your binding into lengths of 15cm. Fold a length of binding in half and place it on the tip of the triangle (the one with the seam allowance pencil lines) folded end pointing downwards. Make sure it is as central as possible.

step three

sew sides together

Fold the triangle in half right sides together and sew along the shorter edge stopping at the intersection point marked in pencil. You should catch in the binding when you get to the intersection.

Fold up the remaining triangle and sew the remaining two edges together.

On the last edge leave a small section of the seam open (about 1")

step four


Trim the seams and turn the pyramid inside out through the gap in the seam that was left open. Push out the corners with something pointy but not sharp, I used a biro pen lid. 

When you are satisfied with your pyramid shape fill the bag with rice and put in a curtain weight. 

Seal up the gap by folding the seam allowance to the inside and hand sew closed with a slip stitch. 

And you're done, hurrah!