Trouser time

Hi everyone

Yep you guessed it, last week was trouser week. We started out on Monday making samples of trouser pockets...Oh so many samples! and by Tuesday afternoon I had started cutting out the pattern, yay! I knew we only had until Thursday to ideally have the trousers completed which seems ok but when you are learning as you go these things can take longer than expected, as I was soon discovered. Wednesday was my nightmare day when things just wouldn't seem to go my way and I ended up unpicking part of the pocket I had started in the morning then panicking because I thought I was falling behind. By Thursday I was ready for a new day if not a little apprehensivly and I sailed through with no problems at all and left feeling on top of the world. Funny how things change from one day to the next, I never assume anything before the day starts now!

Monday morning with our lovely fabric all ready for the trousers, waistcoats and jackets.. I have a grey herringbone wool fabric for the jacket with a beautiful grey lining and black wool for the trousers and waistcoat. I'll be adding black velvet to the jacket cuffs and pockets.

Below is one of the pocket samples, this one is welt pocket which you often see on trousers and waistcoats. We also made jetted pockets and side trouser pockets with variations of each. 

So the trousers weren't too difficult to put together, it was more the fiddly things like pockets and trouser fly's that made it tricky. The trouser fly's were based on an Edwardian pattern and so were button fly, no zippers here! Actually it wasn't so bad, it's just remembering what pieces go where and in what order.

Assembling of the trouser fly:

My design for the side pocket with a sample I made up to check it worked. Since it's a teddy boy costume kooky design features are a must.

Constructing the pockets and waistband..

The finished trousers yay, well apart from the hem! 

On Friday I started on the jacket, The pattern needed a few more alterations and I managed to get most of the pieces cut out by the end of the day which I have to say felt damn good!

My workbench on Friday evening, all set to go for jacket making.

Well now I have a whole week on jacket making, this is going to be the best bit! Let you know how it goes.

Michelle x